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Rules 12/26/2022 - Must Read Before Posting! Empty Rules 12/26/2022 - Must Read Before Posting!

Thu Dec 22, 2022 5:17 am
Welcome to the Brotherhood of Gamers, where like-minded people can discuss anything. While I welcome you here and hope you enjoy your stay, below are some basic rules you must follow before enjoying our community. Most of these rules will be commonsense and straightforward for everyone to follow.

General Forum Rule

I: The Golden Rule: - Do onto others as you would yourself.

Posting Rules

I: Stay on topic: - Please try to stay on topic. Sometimes deviations happen, and depending on what is being talked about, that's okay. It's mainly up to the OP's discretion to keep their topic on track. Ranking members may step in if a topic is out of hand and the OP can't get it back on track.

II: Do not spam: - No one likes excessive spamming. Any spammy posts or topics should be done in the dedicated spam forum.

III: Zero Pornography/NSFW: - Due to the nature of TOS, links, images, videos, or any content that has pornography in it will be removed. Users who post content depending on infractions will be moderated. While this place is oriented toward a more adult audience, we cannot effectively age-restrict such content, and therefore it is not allowed. Also, TOS prohibits such content in the first place.

IV: Do not post to illegal sites: - As with pornography, we do not allow posting on illicit sites. Sites that offer pirated games, free movies, music, and copyrighted work will not be allowed here.

V: Swearing: - While our community targets adults, please keep swearing to moderate levels. Excessive swearing can be annoying and not helpful to discussions going on.

VI: Double Posting: - Double posting happens. However, please don't do it, as it can get annoying. This also ties in with VIII.

VII: Advertising: - Whether it's self-advertising or you posting advertisements, it must be done in the advertisements section. Topics will be moved to this forum by ranking members, and posts will be moderated outside this section.

VIII: Reviving Dead/Old Topics: - Sometimes topics die or lose interest among others in the community. OPs have the right to revive their topic by double posting, but they may only do this once after one week of inactivity. This can be done multiple times if interest returns to the discussion, but if it doesn't, it will be moved to the archives forum, depending on age. Random reviving of dead topics is only tolerated if it meets the criteria of relevance and there is an interest in continuing that discussion between multiple people.  

IX: Locking Topics: - OP's may request their topic to be locked after one week of creation. Topics may be locked earlier by ranking members if it violates rules or is terrible for the community and adds nothing.

X: Deleting Topics:  - OP's may request their topic deleted after one month of creation. Topics can be deleted or moved to archives after a certain period depending on the quality of the discussion.

XI: Editing Topics - OP's may edit their topic but must explain why. Ranking Members may edit topics if it violates rules or contains private information.

XII: Spoilers: - Topics and posts discussing spoilers of new games or movies must have a Spoiler in the title and use the
You enter these topics at your own risk if you don't want to be spoiled.

XIII: Personal Information - Topics or Posts containing personal information will be removed. Sharing such information should be done privately, as we do not guarantee your safety. While we do not recommend this, any personal information should be done through private messages. Ranking members will try to remove personal information from posts and topics, but we may not catch everything. We're not responsible for your safety, and you should use common sense if you share information with someone else.

XIV: Archiving Topics: - OP's can request their topic to be archived after six months if they wish it to remain on the forum in a read-only format.

XV: Rules are subject to change: - Any of these rules can be changed, modified, or removed at any time.

Other Rules

XVI: Respect High Ranking Members:- This includes Sentinel and Above, as they've earned that rank and are trusted within this community. If they tell you to do something, you do it unless it violates the rules.

XVII: Do not Ask to be promoted:- Do not ask to be promoted as that comes with time and is done manually, depending on your progress here.

XVIII: Requesting Access to Specific Groups:[/b- Certain groups will require permission or a specific requirement by the group moderator to let you in. These will vary by group and group moderator. This excludes rank groups and ties into Rule XVII.

XIV: Shills and SJWs: Shills and SJWs are not allowed here if they cause drama. We are not a safe place for SJW's as some discussions might be triggering, and we do not personally like shills who push bad products.

XV: Restricted: - If you're bad for this community, you will be sent into the phantom zone of the forum as a form of punishment instead of being banned.
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